Album: Deceiver (2013)

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Song: Deceiver

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Atlantic City Hardcore formed Jan/Feb 2013
"Deceiver" EP released digitally; May 17, 2013.

Can a Hardcore band in 2013 attain any sort of attention without a half-year pre-release hype campaign? Without pre-conceived notions and an extensive list of "Current/Ex-members of____" fueling interest, would a band be given a chance? Without multiple merch designs before a demo was released, would it work?

Cause Ov Death, initially formed in January 2013 and kept in near total secret for 5 months, practicing in an undisclosed location to perfect(to the band's members) a sound that melded the passions of members ranging from 3 so-called "generations" of the NJHC scene...Cause Ov Death's debut EP was recorded in a span of less than 11hrs with Len Carmichael ( in Ewing, NJ on May 4th 2013,

We are an outlet, a release from everything we hate and love in this world. Love us or hate us, the music will always come with a message we hope you'll understand it. We hope you'll join us at a show someday and vent just as we plan to do with every performance.